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graph BT; classDef default fill:#ececff,stroke:#333 style ti_su1 fill:#CAB897,stroke:#333; style ti_inputs fill:#FFFFFF, stroke:#333 ti_top(Terrestrial Intactness); ti_su1(Selected Union); ti_dev1(Low Development); ti_frag(Low
); ti_veg(Low
Veg State Impacts); ti_inputs(Explore the complete set of model inputs on Data Basin); ti_su1 --> ti_top; ti_dev1 --> ti_su1; ti_frag --> ti_su1; ti_veg --> ti_su1; ti_inputs -.-> ti_dev1; ti_inputs -.-> ti_frag; ti_inputs -.-> ti_veg; click ti_top callback click ti_dev1 callback click ti_frag callback click ti_veg callback click ti_inputs callback
graph BT; classDef default fill:#ececff,stroke:#333 style cv_su1 fill:#CAB897,stroke:#333 style cv_inputs fill:#FFFFFF, stroke:#333 cv_top(Conservation Value); cv_su1(Selected Union); cv_div1(Hi Diversity &
UnderRep Communities); cv_rare(Hi Rare Species
& Veg Communites); cv_species(Effective
Species Count
); cv_linkage(Hi Linkage
); cv_inputs(Explore the complete set of model inputs on Data Basin); cv_su1 --> cv_top; cv_div1 --> cv_su1; cv_rare --> cv_su1; cv_species --> cv_su1; cv_linkage --> cv_su1; cv_inputs -.-> cv_div1; cv_inputs -.-> cv_rare; cv_inputs -.-> cv_species; cv_inputs -.-> cv_linkage click cv_top callback click su1 callback click cv_div1 callback click cv_rare callback click cv_species callback click cv_linkage callback click cv_inputs callback
graph BT; classDef default fill:#ececff,stroke:#333 style ss_trans fill:#CAB897,stroke:#333 style ss_inputs fill:#FFFFFF, stroke:#333 ss_top(Soil Sensitivity
); ss_trans(Zonal Mean -> Linear Transformation); ss_raw(Soil Sensitivity); ss_inputs(View or download this dataset on Data Basin); ss_trans --> ss_top; ss_raw --> ss_trans; ss_inputs -.-> ss_raw click ss_top callback click ss_raw callback click ss_inputs callback
graph BT; classDef default fill:#ececff,stroke:#333 style pr_su1 fill:#CAB897,stroke:#333 style pr_inputs fill:#FFFFFF, stroke:#333 pr_top(Physical Refugia); pr_su1(Selected Union); pr_shade1(Hi Shade); pr_rip(Hi Riparian
Vegetation); pr_water(Hi Water); pr_inputs(Explore the complete set of model inputs on Data Basin); pr_su1 --> pr_top; pr_shade1 --> pr_su1; pr_rip --> pr_su1; pr_water --> pr_su1; pr_inputs-.-> pr_water; pr_inputs-.-> pr_rip; pr_inputs-.-> pr_shade1; click pr_top callback click pr_su1 callback click pr_shade1 callback click pr_rip callback click pr_water callback click pr_inputs callback

Terrestrial Intactness
); Selected Union
); Low
); Low
); Low
Veg State Impacts
); ); Conservation Value
); Selected Union
); Hi Diversity &
UnderRep Communities
); Hi Rare Species
& Veg Communites
); Effective
Species Count
); Hi Linkage
); ); Soil Sensitivity
); 1km Zonal Mean -> Linear Transformation
); Soil Sensitivity

); ); Physical Refugia
); Selected Union
); Hi Shade

); Hi Riparian

); Hi Water

); );